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About us


  2011.7 China Science Publishing & Media Group Ltd(CSPMG) and its subsidiary company China Science Publishing & Media Ltd (CSPM) were inaugurated in the Great Hall of the People. With the establishment of CSPMG, the scenario of the three key publishing and media groups limited exiting at the same time in China has been formed.

  CSPMG was established on the basisi of China Science Publishing Group.

  China Science Publishing Group (CSPG), China’s first sci-tech publishing group and also the first ministry-affiliated publishing group, was founded in June 2000 with the official approval of the General Administration of Press and Publication of China. It is an important part inseparable from the knowledge-innovation project launched by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Its mission is to sum up and disseminate the achievements scored in the knowledge-innovation project, popularize scientific and technological knowledge, enhance scientific quality of the whole nation and be involved in and boost the development of China’s burgeoning industries in science, technology and culture.

  With Science Press as its core member, CSPMG also includes Beijing Zhong Ke Printing Ltd., Beijing Zhongke Hope Software Stock Company, Jia Tian Culture Development Ltd..

  CSPMG has now become a modernized enterprise group bonded by capital. Authorized by Chinese Academy of Sciences Holdings Co.,Ltd (CAS Holdings), CSPG, in accordance with law, runs, manages and supervises the state-owned assets of its member enterprises, shouldering the responsibility of keeping and increasing the value of those assets.

  CSPMG’s main business scope is: publishing and distributing books, journals, electronics publications and audiovisual products, as well as copyright-trading. Its sidelines include: trading in printing and binding materials and related equipment, storage and transportation, advertising, importing and exporting such materials as books, journals and newspapers, literature and data, paper, office stationery, computer software and peripheral units, and CD Rom.

  As a pilot organization for the central cultural-structure reform, CSPMG will base itself on science and technology, set its orientation towards education and look to the future. By means of marketization, it will fulfill the following undertakings: summing up and sorting out, disseminating and popularizing the achievements scored in the knowledge-innovation, serving the industrialization of scientific research and high-technology which are fundamental, strategical and far-sighted, serving the international exchange of sci-tech achievements, serving the training of excellent talents. Through ten years of endeavor, CSPMG will surely become a high-level, comprehensive and internationalized media group with science, technology, medicine and education as its major business areas, being an important component of the cultural industry with Chinese characteristics.